Saturday, July 09, 2005

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36 Senators Object to Gonzales' Confirmation as Attorney General

In what was originally expected to be an uncontroversial vote, 35 Democrats and 1 independent voted against the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales, raising pointed questions about his role laying the legal groundwork for the Abu Ghraib torture scandal. The dissenting votes Gonzales was confirmed by just 60-36 -- the second most "no" votes for any confirmed attorney general in history. (The first was Ashcroft.) MoveOn members played a major role in getting this on the radar, making it a referendum on torture and generating a real opposition.

I think it was due to the fact that he had those illegal immigrants watching his kids-No, wait, that was Clinton's FIRST nominee to AG. And his second. The third was a megalomaniacal she-beast who cut Lon Horiuchi loose to shoot an unarmed kid in the back and a woman holding a baby.


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